Aw Frick

taking a break from my hiatus for some vagina facts that school didn’t teach you, because I keep getting surprised at how many people don’t know how normal they really are, but then I realize there’s such a huge taboo with talking about your parts because we’re only exposed to perfect pornography bits that make you ashamed of what you have.

  • Your vagina will discharge when you aren’t aroused/on your period. That’s super normal. Even if your vagina is so clean that you could eat dinner off of it, it will still discharge. You’re not gross, your crusty panties are proof you’re normal. That is your body self cleaning so you dont get infections!!
  • In fact, when your bits are extra gross and wet without you reading filthy fanfiction or anything that’s your bodies way of saying IM SO READY TO MAKE A BABY YOU DONT EVEN KNOW (be sure to use protection)
  • It’s very normal for your labia minora to stick out of your labia majora (IE: the part that looks like beef jerky won’t always fit nice and tight between the part that is covered with skin and hair) That is normal. You are not gross, and most pornography with small lips (labia minora) is either photoshopped or the person has had a vaginoplasty (not to say that small lips aren’t beautiful too!)
  • vagina lips are also often asymmetrical, some sides looser than the other, or some side bigger than the other. It isn’t gross or weird, it’s normal.
  • You aren’t weird if penetration doesn’t do it for you (both masturbation and otherwise). That’s also common. There isn’t something “wrong” with you, most vag’s aren’t built for that to not be the source of pleasure (that is the clit, a little nub at the front inside of your labia minora)
  • Not having a hymen doesn’t mean you’re a not virgin. And the first time you have sex shouldn’t be painful.
  • yo though if your bajinga is like the color of the rainbow and has lumps on it and it hurts when you pee, that’s probably not normal and you should see a doctor.
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